Holy Smithereens!


The British television series, Black Mirror, has released it's 5th season. While the entire series explores techno-paranoia, Smithereens hits a little closer to home as it exposes several troubling themes as they relate to social media. In short, the story is about a man who acquires a fake ride-share driver account and posts outside of … Continue reading Holy Smithereens!


I Spy a Native Ad


As tech and consumer engagement with content evolves, brands are turning to native advertisements to push their products. These articles, info-graphics, videos (etc.) are designed to blend in to publication editorial styles and tone. The advertisements also provide the type of information expected by the target audience. When done correctly, native ads are consumed without … Continue reading I Spy a Native Ad

Fake News, Satire and Media Literacy

Fake news is real. We experience fake news daily in the form of misinformation (false info, regardless of intent) and disinformation (deliberately misleading) is everywhere. Take this article about the Lottery Winner for instance - the most widely distributed fake news article on Facebook last year as reported by SocialMediaToday.com. Digital gatekeepers don't possess the … Continue reading Fake News, Satire and Media Literacy