Adidas is Crushing Big Data

It doesn’t take a sports enthusiast to recognize how the Adidas brand is re-positioning itself in the market. In an attempt to meet its competitor head on, Adidas has rooted its marketing strategy around two ideas: taking risks and innovation. Because of big data, Adidas has been able to evolve their brand and connect with its consumers in effective and authentic way.

Image from article by Daniel Roberts, 2017

Vying for consumers’ attention in today’s society means that brands have to meet their audience where they already are and have an in depth understanding of where they spend most of their time. Adidas in adamant about beginning their marketing strategies by analyzing the data and building an action plan based off of insights. For example, Adidas experiments with campaign ideas using A/B testing. By measuring reach, impressions and other metrics, the company adapts their plan in real time.

During her interview with Whitehall Media, Dr. Ramezani-Bartsch, Director of Global Brand Consumer Analytics and Marketing Intelligence at Adidas speaks to the importance of the company understanding attitudes that drive consumer behavior. If they can understand what drives consumption, the team is better able to predict how to effectively communicate with their audience with the right content at the right time.

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