Split Internet

There’s something brewing in the tech world that may effect the internet as we know it. The western idea of an “open internet” is losing it’s appeal internationally and other countries are developing alternatives. The idea has been coined “splinternet” and refers to the internet being split on account countries’ stances or approaches to topics including politics, technology and commerce.

Honestly, it’s difficult to wrap my head around the idea. I always thought the internet was a singular thing – “the” internet. But when I apply the critical process to the notion of a “splinternet” – it holds up. Credible sources are asserting a split internet as a future construct. The charge is being led by China and Russia.

Some say the splinternet is already here.

Either way, US tech companies will experience an unprecedented level of competition as it relates to service providers, applications and artificial intelligence. Contrary to what some people think, vying for digital space won’t be based solely on authoritarian regulation and censorship. Further, while the market will widen, it won’t be easy for foreign entities to sway consumers away from their beloved platforms.

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